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      We Proudly welcome to the wonderful experience of teacher training. We are the unique organization to propagate, promote the novel method of Montessori Teaching across Kerala. We have made an amble platform to shape your child with a new vision. Our vision is to explore the man in the child. Our mission is to develop training centers through out Kerala to meet the growing need of trained teachers. At present no trained teacher in Montessori is sitting idle. Each and every trained directress is appointed and well placed either in Kerala or abroad. After along contemplation we came in to conclusion that no other education is so better as that of Montessori teaching and as it draws out ‘the best’ and develop to ‘the best’. So we appeal to join with us for achieving our mission of service in shaping better tomorrow.

Study Centers
Montessori Promotion Council(MPC) is the authorized study center of KITCO-ASSOCHAM Certified Montessori Teachers Training Course. (KITCO-established by IDBI & Govt.of Kerala).
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