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      Technical education has its origin in India since Vedic age. It disseminated from parents to children in the beginning. With the explosion of technological development after the world war second, vocational education attained institutional shape. The success of all technical education and training will depend not only on the acquisition of work skills but also on the values and attitudes imparted by general education. Education and training also have other objectives in addition to vocational ones, because they open up access to culture, knowledge and to political and social life and are essential factors in the development of the individual and the values that guide the life of the individual and social groups. Therefore, overall development of the individual is important in the education system.

      Realisation of this social responsibility has prompted Montessori Promotion Council to venture in to the field of professional course. In order to impart quality education and standard training to aspirants and to enable them to complete with other nationalities in the global market, we have joined hands with major technical institutions like KITCO providing quality education in KERALA.


      MPC (Montessori Promotion Council) established in 2005 to promote Montessori method of education in a cost effective manner in rural areas of Kerala. The primary aim of Montessori system of education is to aid a child to face his life successfully. MPC will co-ordinate the study centers, admission, registration of students, conducting practical classes and leading the students to certification by KITCO ASSOCHAM consortium. Montessori Promotion Council is governed by an execute body being elected by the members of general body. It is headed by a president. The Council has a secretary to execute day to day affairs of the council. MPC has an advisory committee also.

Montessori Promotion Council is organization established to help to meet the growing demand for Montessori Teachers in India. The training from MPC helps the teachers, parents and all those who are interested in the development of young children to educate them in the Montessori method.

      It aims to propagate and harbinge the philosophy of Dr.Maria Montessori who has made depth charge in creating better tomorrow through education.

      MPC is an independent organization and has successfully met growing demands of Montessori trained teachers in Kerala. MPC has entered in to an agreement with KITCO for conducting KITCO certified Montessori teachers Training courses directly through the study centers in Kerala.

Our Purpose
  1. To meet the increasing demand for Montessori Trained Directress.
  2. To give importance to this method of teaching with out losing the essence of the sprit of education.
  3. To arrange to develop training centers in Montessori Teaching.
  4. To conduct seminar, debate, discussion to make the public aware of Montessori method of teaching.
  5. To conduct research in Montessori method of teaching and find out new technic in teaching without hampering in the spirit of Montessori Philosophy.
  6. To do liaison work with KITCO and study centres
  7. To revise the syllabus and making study materials in accordance with requirements.
  8. To give necessary directions and frame rules and regulations for better management of study centers.
  9. Framing polices to govern the Montessori study centres.
  10. To keep all information relating Montessori and disseminate it to the public

      At present we have deficiency of Montessori Trained Teachers in our state. MPC aims at creating professionally trained teachers who are not just teacher but “ Directress” who are trained to co-ordinate the physical activities of children, mould their character and encourage them. This is a highly job oriented courses in and outside India. Vacancies for Montessori Teachers are increasing year after year. As part of Globalisation all schools across India is following Montessori Education Scheme.


KITCO placement Park is the HR consultancy division of KITCO, which offers placement services to job seekers. KITCO has been approved by Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Givt. Of India for recruiting candidate for jobs abroad. KITCO is an assessing body for conducting test for NCVT Certification under skill Development, Initiative scheme of Ministry of Labor & Employment Govt. of India.

Study Centers
Montessori Promotion Council(MPC) is the authorized study center of KITCO-ASSOCHAM Certified Montessori Teachers Training Course. (KITCO-established by IDBI & Govt.of Kerala).
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