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      Montessori is a World wide accepted method of teaching young children. This method of teaching is very much effective at the age of 2 ½ to 12 yrs. The age of 2 ½ to 6 is the fast learning period in the life of a human being. During this time they have unusual sensitivity and mental power for absorbing the knowledge from Nature. This method helps the child to develop the potential talent in him. This method is accepted in developed countries like the USA, The UK, The Gulf and European Countries. Montessori Promotion Council is setup to promote Montessori Method of learning to our children of rural areas. This method helps a child to know his world through different sensorial, arithmetic and EPL materials which enhances his ability to concentrate, understand, restore and remember things. Montessori study materials are very costly compared to any other study materials for small children. But MPC is established to promote Montessori system in cost effective manner.
Mile Stones
  • It pin points potentials of child
  • It has a prepared environment
  • It has trained directress not teachers
  • It develops physical cognitive social emotional spiritual needs of the child
  • It is an activity method not the play method
  • It activates social behavior and social order
  • It is a motivation method
  • Child is exploring and is explored
Study Centers
Montessori Promotion Council(MPC) is the authorized study center of KITCO-ASSOCHAM Certified Montessori Teachers Training Course. (KITCO-established by IDBI & Govt.of Kerala).
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